NMC Field Services wants to help you put even more money in your pocket faster!  We will reward your hard work with a $50 BONUS when you have 5 Memberships processed within your first 30 days (of contracted date).   You will also earn the following:

  • A Quick Star Commemorative Pin! – Wear this pin when making sales, attending meetings and especially when you  attend an NMC Field Services event!  Everyone will know you worked hard to earn Quick Star recognition.
  • A NMC Writing Pen! – Use this professional pen as you are pointing out the valuable benefits from the presentation  pages and to sign up new members!
  • A Personalized NMCFS ID Badge – You will have your official NMCFS badge by sending your high resolution photo  to info@nmcfs.com.
  • An Official Certificate of Achievement – Display your first achievement of success with NMCFS!

So, what are you waiting for?  Get started helping people today!