In this Best Practices conference, we get a special first-hand account by our Top Personal Producer in the company, Marc Crevier.  Marc has been with NMCFS since 1997, and has earned the top Rep title 9 times throughout his short career.  Oddly enough, Marc’s background has not always been in sales.  He has had a wide-ranging career of different entrepreneurship positions before he settled on personal sales with NMC Field Services.

Here is a short testimonial video he recently gave at our 2017 Winner’s Celebration:

In this episode, Marc talks a little bit about his work ethic, his background, and his drive to success.  He actually took time out of his busy schedule in order to begin this series of Best Practices conference calls in order to not only answer questions on how other Reps can share his same success, but also to learn the philosophies of other veteran Reps and Leaders in the field.

“National Motor Club has given us the tools, and it’s up to us to take the action.  And the action is that we just have to go out and make something happen.  It’s not difficult.”

— Marc Crevier

Joining Marc is our resident sales coach and team-building guru, Tom Snyder.  Tom talks about a recent experience he had with a training meeting for a couple new Districts under Keith Moore’s Division that we hosted at the Home Office. Keith Moore also joins the call to talk about his team’s recent explosion in growth.

“It’s not motivation to take an action.  If you really back it up to where motivation starts — there”s got to be a purpose.  For anything we do in life, in order to be successful there’s got to first be a purpose.  What drives you?  Identify that and then you can take action to accomplish that purpose.  That’s all the motivation you need.”

– Tom Snyder