This week we explore some of the ways we can get in front of people in order to share the opportunity with them.

Over the years, we have utilized some very clever ways to get in touch with more people.  The most successful method by far will always be “go in selling, come out recruiting,” in which you simply ask a prospect if they have any interest in earning some supplemental income after you have just attempted to sell them a Membership.  If the prospect became a Member, then the odds are they will also be interested in selling them too, or even building a team of their own.

We have also used more traditional methods such as placing want ads in the classified section of local papers, submitting press releases to news outlets, visiting unemployment or workforce commissions, and even posting tear-sheets.  But there are also new digital methods of getting in front of people such as doing conference calls, having dedicated phone numbers with a recorded message, generating email blasts, marketing on social media groups, placing online ads, and even hosting webinars.

Division Leader Paul Lane shares how he has utilized the free online service called Zoom in order to do a live Membership presentation and opportunity pitch.  It’s a good way to get in front of an audience without inconveniencing them and yourself with making scheduling and transportation arrangements — because your time is valuable.  Participants can join the webinar through their webcam on their computer or from their smartphone, or they can just simply listen in anonymously.  The host/speaker can even share their screen if they want to show a slideshow or show their kit pages with the audience.

Facebook also has several free and paid tools that you can use to place ads or want ads.  It has numerous groups which focus on hobbies, interests and even sales jobs that you can join and share the opportunity with.  If you are interested in learning how to use these tools, we may do a separate webinar training session or you can give us a call at the home office and we can try to help walk you through it.

No matter what method you choose to utilize in order to get more people in to see the opportunity, what matters is that you try as many methods as possible to see what works for you.  As Team-building Coach Tom Snyder reminds everyone, “I’m not going to say these new methods don’t work, but there are still some things out there that still work that we have done for years and years.  And one of the best recruiting methods I’ve ever found was stopping my car in the main street of a town, and walking and talking to every businessman on both sides of the street about who was the best sales person they know in town.”  He also explains how he has mailed out simple, generic handwritten postcards stating, “I’ve been trying to contact you about a great leadership position that we have available with our company.  Give me a call.  Sincerely, Tom.”  Believe it or not, these classic ways of marketing the opportunity still work.  So, don’t forget to take advantage of free business and restaurant bulletin boards or dropping your business cards in places where someone may find it.  You never know who might pick it up.