Contest Begins Week Ending 10-3-17
Contest Ends Week Ending 12-26-17


  • Any active Representative and Leader may participate and earn a bonus, but you must have an active  contract by the end of the contest period.
  • Reps must have a minimum of 13 Memberships processed and in-force at the end of the contest period  in order to be eligible to earn a bonus.
  • Only Security Premier and Security Plus Memberships are eligible for bonus dollars.


Personal producers can earn bonus dollars for every Member* written during the tournament period  that is still in-force by the end of the tournament.

The bonus dollar amount for each Member will be determined by how many total Members that you have in-force at the end of the tournament based on the following tournament bracket:

Total Members In-Force Bonus Amount
160+ $25 per Member
100-159 $20 per Member
69-99 $15 per Member
13-68 $10 per Member
* Note bonus only applies to the first five (5) Members per Membership or on the same drafting account.


Trainers and Leaders are eligible for a training bonus for the master Member and (1) one associate  Member on every Security Premier or Security Plus Membership processed and in-force by the end of the tournament period which are written by any new direct Representative contracted after June 1, 2017.

Master Member 1st Associate Member
$10 each $5 each


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NMCFS reserves the right to change any portion of the contest at any time. Qualified Reps and Leaders must have an active contract at the time of the payout to earn payout. Bonus is subject to total active Members in-force at end of contest period.