Well, we were all excited to welcome our National Award Winners to the luxurious Omni La Mansión del Rio located on the River Walk in San Antonio, TX.  While there, these top award winners enjoyed world-class meals, entertainment, sightseeing, and shopping in downtown San Antonio.

Once all of the award winners arrived they enjoyed dining at the exquisite seafood restaurant Ostra before enjoying the festive activities out on the San Antonio River Walk.

The next day, we celebrated all of our National Award Winners, Chairman’s Council, and Career Achievers over a delicious brunch.

Oh, and don’t forget the awesome Kings of Cash contest payouts, in which our top earners took home well over $4,000 each!

Several of our winners then stayed after the awards to share some of their testimonials of their careers with NMCFS along with some of their knowledge and expertise on what has made them so successful over the years.  Here is an example of one of the testimonial videos recorded at this event; but there will be several more testimonials and training tip videos coming over the next several weeks.  So, keep an eye out for them on Portal.

Our owner and president, Jeff Jensen, also shared his vision of NMC Field Services going into the new year.

Later that afternoon, Marc Crevier joined Jeff Jensen and Tom Snyder for a 10 mile bike ride around downtown San Antonio while several other winners and their guests navigated the historic city to visit the numerous old missions and landmarks including the world famous Alamo.

The following day, the Reps started the day with a brief meeting hosted by Jeff Jensen, Becky Brown, and Tom Snyder.  In that meeting Reps, leaders, and management discussed their goals and recommendations for NMCFS in 2018.

The meeting picked up again in the afternoon where Marc Crevier, Paul Lane, and Lynne Cagle began what has become an ongoing series of leadership strategy meetings.  These meetings are guided by Tom Snyder’s vast experience in building strong localized teams using a simple recruiting and training system.  This system is currently being developed into a Leadership Guide that will be available to anyone who is currently in a leadership position or for whom may want to start building a team.  So look forward to seeing that in the very near future and stayed tuned for these leadership strategy conference calls hosted by Marc Crevier and Tom Snyder as well.

On the final evening of our event, the winners and their guests were treated to a very exclusive and intimate dining experience at the River Walk’s oldest restaurant, Casa Rio.  Along with fantastic Mexican food, the winners shared some heartwarming sentiments about their past year–or sometimes incredibly long careers–with NMCFS and their excitement for things to come in 2018.

Winners Celebration next year will remain an intimate affair celebrating the top award winners in the country.  To see what it takes to qualify for this exclusive trip to our next location, read the most up-to-date National Award Guidelines in Portal under Downloads and follow your year-to-date numbers each week in the Premier Performers bulletin.

We hope to see you there!