We are already one week into 2018, but that does not mean it is too late to formulate a plan for your business this new year.  Any time is the right time to make a positive change for yourself.  So, it’s time to decide where you want to be at the end of this journey and how you want to get there.

The most important aspect to planning for this successful change in your business, or even in your personal life, is by setting smart goals.  Without these smart goals you are traveling to an unspecific destination without a proper vehicle or a map to guide you along.

So, in order to help you achieve your success this year, we’re going borrow some help from nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and financial guru Dave Ramsey as an addendum to NMC Field Services’ SMART Goal Setting methods.

Ramsey’s goal setting techniques are very similar and his emphasis is much the same.  He asks, “where are you going to go?”  Then he follows that question with, “Where there is no vision, people perish.  Goals have to be five things: 

  1. Goals have to be specific.
  2. They have to measurable.
  3. They have a time frame.
  4. They have to be your goals.
  5. They have to be in writing.

These principles are almost universal in truth, so it is no surprise they nearly match our own SMART Goal Setting Chart:

S – Be Specific

M – Make Sure They are Measurable

A – They Must Be Achievable

R – Make Goals That are Relevant

S – Write Down a Targeted Time

These goals can be applied to just about anything in your life, but we hope you use these principles to lead you an even more financially successful year as your own business with NMC Field Services.

Now, here is Dave Ramsey’s full take on goal setting. You can either watch the following video or you may read some of the highlighted points from the transcript underneath.

Well, a new year is upon us.  What do you do?  What are you going to do this year?  What’s your life going to look like?


When I talk to people who have done great things with their lives–whether it’s weight-loss, changing their marriage, building a business, ministry, or becoming successful in an area–I almost always hear from those people that they have a really big ‘WHY’.  They have a reason for doing the thing, more than just doing the thing. You always have to have a big reason.  Having a big reason is called ‘having a vision’.


We’re always taught to dream, but not to be a dreamer.  Dreamers don’t do anything.  We want to have big dreams but when dreams turn into your WHY, they become a vision.  And if you stop at just having a WHY, just having a vision, you never really accomplished anything.  But that should be the gas in the engine that causes things to move forward.


You have to have a big WHY, a big vision.  Then when it actually goes to work, it’s called a ‘goal’.


And here we are with a new year upon us and you need to have big dreams that lead to clear vision which leads you into the details to win–called ‘goal setting’.  And I’m not talking about namby-pamby New Year’s resolutions, I’m talking about real goal setting.


Goals that work have five components to them.  Their first and second are that they’re specific and they are measurable.


“I want to lose weight.” Well, you’ll never lose weight.  It is measurable, but it is not specific.


“I want to lose 30 lbs.” Now, we’re on to something.  Now, it’s specific and now it’s measurable.


The next thing you ask yourself is, “when do I want to lose 30 lbs?”  And do you want to lose 30 lbs over the next 30 years?  That’s a pound a year.  You could probably pull that off.  But as soon as you put a time limit on your goal that is measurable and specific, suddenly the math starts unfolding very naturally.  30 lbs over three months for instance, that may be reasonable–it’s 10 lbs a month, or 2 1/2 lbs a week.


Immediately when you do that, the next thing that will unfold in your brain is, “what has to be true for me to do that?  What has to be true for me to lose 30 lbs?  What has to be true that is not true today?”  Well, you would change your caloric intake, you would lower the number of calories that you’re taking in, you would increase your water intake, and you would increase your aerobic activity.  So, you know what you have to do.


Goals that work also need to be your goals.


“My wife wants me to lose weight.”  Yeah, you never will.


“My mother wants me to make more money.”  You never will.


They need to be your goals.


Lastly, and most importantly–they are specific, measurable, have a time limit, and they are your goals.  Most importantly is that they have to be in writing.  In writing is the only way it works.  The Bible says, “…Write the vision, and make it plain…”  When you write it down, something happens.


You can take control of these areas of your life, you just have to make different decisions.  You have to have a good reason and you have to follow the rules of goal-setting.


Winston Churchill said, “that mighty oaks start with small acorns.”  Not all acorns become giant trees, we know that; but for sure they’re not going to become a giant tree until you start.  So you have to start–right now.